NxNW Loves Skiers

October 27, 2011By FrankUncategorized

Every time NxNW sees a skier drive to Silverdale to get some ski work done they pour a drop from their tall can on the road for a fellow snow sliding brother who has lost their way to freedom. We cant take this anymore and starting Nov. 1 NxNW will have a ski tech dropping … Read More

H.R. Outdoor Expo and Gear Swap

October 13, 2011By nxnwsurf1Uncategorized

New gear checklist: New binders, board, boots, jacket, gloves and pack. Oh yeah, and a splitboard and backcountry gear to keep up with the hippies. Dang! that’s a lot of money. Where are you going to come up with that kind of cash without going to jail?   Well young snow Jedi we at NxNW are glad you … Read More