New gear checklist:

New binders, board, boots, jacket, gloves and pack. Oh yeah, and a splitboard and backcountry gear to keep up with the hippies. Dang! that’s a lot of money. Where are you going to come up with that kind of cash without going to jail?
Well young snow Jedi we at NxNW are glad you asked. We have found a way that you can have everything you want, even during the great recession. Bring all your old snow gear to the Hurricane Ridge Outdoor Expo and Gear Swap. Turn your old stash into cash by selling it at the swap. What? Little Billy down the street has your old snow gear already? Don’t worry, Dad will never know his old golf clubs and camping gear are missing, for that matter bring down his golf cart too cause this is a OUTDOOR GEAR SWAP not just a ski and snowboard swap. Anything that has to do with the great outdoors is welcome to be sold. Surfboards, wetsuits, kayaks, sleds, bikes, fishing gear and more are all welcome to be sold to make you cash. Check it out Oct 22rd at PASH.