Rentals, Rentals, Rentals

July 10, 2014By FrankUncategorized

Here is what you need to know about surfboard rentals at NxNW. Our rental shop on the beach at La Push is open 3 till 7 on Fridays and 10 till 5 Sat. and Sun. Rentals can be picked up on a first come first served basis in Port Angeles Wed. and Thursday and dropped … Read More

Lib Surf Coming Soon

April 17, 2012By FrankSurfing

Is there a new Waterboard in your future? New Lib Surfboards should be in the shop in May. We will have demo boards out at La Push and in PA so that you can try before you buy. Prices for the boards will be around $695.00 Ramp Series 5’4” x N 16.5” x W 20.25” x T … Read More

NxNW Loves Skiers

October 27, 2011By FrankUncategorized

Every time NxNW sees a skier drive to Silverdale to get some ski work done they pour a drop from their tall can on the road for a fellow snow sliding brother who has lost their way to freedom. We cant take this anymore and starting Nov. 1 NxNW will have a ski tech dropping … Read More