Bring your surfboards in for fast, professional, good-looking repairs!

We do traditional fiberglass & also epoxy surf board repairs. Rail gashes, crunches, pressures, fin resetting, FCS/ leash plug installing, etc. Also available:  buckles, broken boards, delaminations, fin box repairs.

Bring your board into our store for an estimate. We have a price list – you can check to see what your repairs may cost. Small dings starting at $20 – add on dings for discounted pricing. Make sure boards are dried out before leaving them for repair. Standard repairs take up to one week – fast turnaround, quality repairs (may take longer for special requests, ordering parts, wet foam core)

Estimated* Cost of Surfboard Repairs

2″ Ding

$25 + $10/Additional of Same Size

4″ Ding

$35 + $15/Additional of Same Size

6″ Ding

$45 + $20/Additional of Same Size

8″ Ding

$55 + $25/Additional of Same Size


Call/Bring to Shop


$55 + Cost of Fin

Fin Box


Crack Around Fin Box


1 Plug


2 Plugs


Plug Replacement Part


Plugs for 2 Fins


Plugs for 3 Fins


Fin Slash on Rail

Cost according to size times 2

Short Board Buckle


Long Board Buckle


Epoxy Boards

Additional $10

* These prices are estimated prices only, and may increase/decrease according to repairer’s estimates. In the event that costs increase, the customer will be called with the new estimated cost and must give verbal consent before any repairs will be done.

Surf Board Repair Policy
All prices are only estimates, if the actual price is higher, we will notify the you and wait for confirmation to continue with the repairs. Only marked dings listed on the receipt will be repaired. The customer needs to check the receipt to make sure all desired services are listed.

Customers need to have a valid picture ID to pick up their repaired boards.

If a customer is not satisfied with a repair, The board MUST be left in the shop to be seen by the manager and the repairperson. Once the board is removed, the repair is no longer the responsibility of NxNW.